How to Rank Your MLM Business at the First Page of Google for Free


Dear MLM Networker,

That MLM Company you’re partnering with, do you know you can take huge advantage of the company’s promotions, other teams hard work, seminars, sponsored adverts, etc and rank at the first page of Google search for free especially when the company is very new?

Yes, this isn’t one of those regular unconfirmed theories. I have practically done this for few clients who opted for it and it worked like magic and still working.

I will show you the exact things to do, and below are the requirements needed to get started:

  • A website + Blog
  • Social media pages
  • A comprehensive knowledge of how the company works
  • List of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
  • Google my Business
  • Quality pictures and videos.

These are very important and I will explain the best ways to use them.

A Website with Blog

This is mostly where everything happens. You need a domain name and hosting to get started with your website and blog.

When choosing the name of your website, don’t just go for any domain name. Your website name should be similar to the company’s name. For example, if the company name and website is “”, you should check the availability of “,,”, etc.

It’s not a must you go for a domain name similar to the company’s website name, you can go for a different name and still get result but it’s best to use a similar name to the company’s website to get the desired.

Social Media Pages

Now you have your website, you need to have social media pages with same name so you integrate to your website.

One major reason for having social media pages is for SEO (search engine optimization).

This is because of the popular use of these social media platforms and how high it ranks up on Google and other search engines. Apart from ranking up on these search engines, most people search for a particular business on these platforms, especially Facebook.

This is to know if they have an official page. When searched, it’s the company’s name that would be searched and yours will definitely come up.

Most company’s don’t have enough content on their official page and that’s a bigger advantage for you when you share quality content that answers people’s questions on your page because your page would be the go to page for every search.

Pinterest, LinkeDin, Twitter are other platforms to share your content about the business.

A Comprehensive Knowledge Of How The Company Works

To thrive in any business, you need to know have a good knowledge of that business.

You can’t market a business you have little or no knowledge of. When you have a good knowledge about a business, then you can explain the business better for prospects to understand better.

So, get to know how the company you’re partnering with works.

Know the advantages over other MLM companies.

A List Of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

This is very important and will set you above other business partners and teams in that company.

If done properly, this is where you’ll finish work because it’ll help you get more prospects.

Take your pen and a jotter, sit in a very quiet place, think a jot down.

Now, you don’t need to think about that particular business because you already know much about it, you understand it very well so the questions that will come to your mind would be limited.

You need to think like a newbie. Someone with no knowledge of how the business works.

To be able to get the best questions that’ll run through people’s mind when they hear about your business, use another networking company as a case study.

If you’re presented with the opportunity of traveling to Mars for the time, what are the questions that’ll run through your mind?

Write all the questions down and take your time to give a good explanatory answer to each.

Those questions and your answers are your selling point for the business, the rich content many of your business partners don’t know about, and that’s exactly what people would be searching for.

Quality Pictures & Videos

Graphics and video displays speaks louder.

Get quality pictures of the company’s products, Management, Team Members, Achievements, etc.

Video explaining how the business works, the matrix, commission earnings and others.

If what the company provided is very complicated to understand by newbies, make your own videos that explains the business better so anyone could easily understand.

You can also make a rough drawing explaining the matrix, commission earnings, stages, numbers needed, etc. Then meet a graphic designer to make better graphics using the rough sketches you have made.

A Blog

This is where you create and publish all the content you have about the business.

There are very strict rules to creating blog posts to get better result which includes:

  • Using Header tags like (H1, H2 and so on)
  • Write Compelling Headlines
  • Add Subheadings and Shorter Paragraphs to Break up the Page
  • Add Quality Images/Videos that correlates with the post
  • Add a Clear Call-to-Action (like click to register now, give us a call, etc)
  • Add social media icons that link to your social media pages
  • Renaming all your pictures and videos before uploads, etc.

When you make a blog post, don’t forget to share to your social media pages.

Google My Business

This is where you claim your spot on Google search for that business.

It’s like taking a seat and sitting at the entrance of a marketplace. You’re the first person to be seen by anyone entering the marketplace.

This is very important and will give you more visibility on Google search without running any sponsored advert.. but many overlook it while the few that understand it’s great advantage fail at it.

In Summary

These are not too difficult neither are they too easy to put in place.

But doing these will surely put you at the first page of Google search for that particular company you’re partnering with, especially if it’s a newly launched company.

It’s a proven strategy and a proper way to effectively run your multi-level marketing business online to get better results, be ahead of other team members and also save more money on adverts.

Feel free to drop a comment, ask questions or get in touch to help you take your network marketing business online to appear at the first page of Google search.

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